Account Changes 

1. How to change the login email address?

· To change your login email address please contact your account manager


2. How to change billing information?

· You may display your Billing Information by clicking “My Account” and scroll down you will find “Billing Information

· If you would like to edit your billing information please contact your account manager they will make the necessary changes for your account.


3. How to change password?

· You may change your password by clicking “My Account” and by the end of the page, you will find “Access information” You need to enter your old password.


4. How to reset the password?

· If you do not remember your current password, you need to log out from the system and click on Retrieve your PASSWORD in the login page in order to receive password reset link.

· Please type your “Login Email” in “Email address” box and click on “Send” button.

· *Make sure you check your spam box in case you do not receive system email.

· *Please note that your new password must contain at least 6 characters!

· In case you faced any problem contact your account manager


5. How to change agency information? (agency name, phone, fax)

· To change Agency Name, Phone, Fax, and logo, please click on “My Account” followed by “My Profile” and click on “Save” button to save your updates.


6. How to change the agency address?

· If you would like to change the agency address, please click on “My Account” and then “My Profile”. From “Agency Address” section, you may update your agency address and click on “Save” button to save your updates.


7. How to add a logo?

· To upload your company logo for the accommodation vouchers; go to your “My Account” section, and then click on “My profile”. On “Logo” section, please click on “Choose File” and upload your logo. Click on “Save” button to add your logo (PNG, JPEG or GIF format, maximum size 100 KB)


8. How to choose/view currency?

· After performing a search, please find the calculator icon on the right side of the page and point the mouse on it to view instant conversion rate

· Available in (EUR, GBP, KWD, SAR, AED, EGP, and BHD)


9. How to choose a language?

· Currently, we offer only English and Arabic language options to provide the best user experience. You can find the language section on the top right of our Home webpage.


10. How to see available credit/deposit balance?

· To see available credit/deposit balance, go to your “My Account” section, and then scroll down to see “My Credit” section.

Managing Bookings

1. How to locate bookings in the system?

· All reservations made through your account are listed under “My Bookings” section, under “My Account” From My Bookings page, once you locate your booking using filtering options, you are able to cancel, view voucher and invoice. You can also send a message to our customer support team for any queries you have regarding your bookings.


2. What are the other filters to find bookings?

· Booking Code

· First Name - Last Name: To search via leader guest name and last name, please use this filter.

· Check-In Date: To filter your bookings as per check-in dates.

· Booking Holder

· Agent/User: who made the booking

Commission Structure

1. How to change commission per search?

· On the search page, you can click on margin.

· Enter the commission/margin for this search


2. How to change Agents Commission?

· change Agent Commission please follow below steps:

1. Click on My account.

2. Click on “Agents”

3. Change “Markup”.

Managing Agents

1. How to add/remove Agents?

· You can add Agent by going to “My Account” followed by “Agents” → Create new Agent

· You can remove agents by edit in the “Agent List” → Delete


2. How to manage Agents permission? 

· When you creating a new agent or from edit in the “Agent List” you can choose

1. Active

2. Make Bookings

3. Agents administrator

4. See other agents bookings

In addition, save the changes to reflect on the agent account.

Search / Create Booking

1. How to search/create a booking?

· To reach the search page, you can click DANABOOKING logo or “Hotel Search” from “Search” tab.

· You may search by entering mandatory search info on Search box; Destination, Client Nationality, Check-in, Check-out date, room, and guest numbers and click on “Search”.

*You may also search via city, hotel name, landmark, address or zip code.

· 2. Next page will show you Search Results.

· *In this page you may again change your search criteria, see all the hotels on Map. ”Map View”

*You may also filter or sort the search results.

· Choose your hotel and click on “Book”.

· Next page will show you Hotel details; all available room types, rates, photos, policies and additional information regarding rooms/hotel.

· *Change your search criteria for this hotel.

· Filter, available

· Your booking is created. The system will show you the booking summary in “Thank you” page and you will be able to display your booking from “My Bookings”.


2. How to use filters?

· With DanaBookings you can reach various filter option to narrow your search result. To use filters first you must proceed the search action. After this step, you will be lead to search result page.

· On the left side, you will see the filter parameters. You can filter your search by hotel name, star rating, price, landmarks, and meal type.


3. Where to find room description and cancellation?

· On hotel detail page It may seem as Refundable, Non-Refundable or as Check Cancellation Policy

Post Booking Actions

1. How to cancel a booking?

1. Click on “My Bookings” tab.

2. Locate your booking.

3. Click on “The booking code” and in the next page select “Cancel”.
**Only for refunble bookings  

2. How to change the booking?

· In order to make changes in your booking, please send an E-mail to support@danabooking.online

5. How to display the invoice?

 1. Click on “My Bookings” tab.

 2. Locate your booking.

 3. Click on “Actions” and select “Invoice”.


6. How to display a voucher?

1. Click on “My Bookings” tab.

2. Locate your booking.

3. Click on “The Booking Code”

4. In next page click on "Voucher)

7. How to contact the customer support team?

  •  Send an E-mail to Support@danabooking.online 

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